Dear Mr. Blokh,
Recently I came back from the Republic of Moldova where I had meetings with the Moldavian writers. They kindly asked me to let you know about their intention to set up a PEN Center in Kishinev, which I enthusiastically support.
As you probably know, the Republic of Moldova was a part of Romania till 1940, after that being annexed by the Soviet Union – like the Baltic Republics – through the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. During half-century domination, the Soviet Government made utmost efforts for denationalizing the Romanian population, which always has been in the majority there. Fortunately, these actions had no effects and were unsuccessful thanks to – among many other considerations – a valuable literature written continuously in the Romanian language. Therefore, the Romanians have been the leading figures in the fight for independence carried by the Republic of Moldova during the last years, this fight reaching now a critical and climatic moment. The setting up of a PEN Center – similar to those already existing in Latvia and Lithuania – would give the possibility of international echo and support to the writers of Moldova, and would be obviously in accordance with the principles of the PEN Charter.
I promised the writers of Khisinev that I do support them at the International PEN Center, because I consider their request to be justified from all points of view. I would kindly ask you to let me know about the modalities of setting up a PEN Center in Kisinev, for I promised them too to write you on their behalf. Would you be so kind to let me know any details about it in order to inform them immediately? Also, for a direct contact, I can mention you two addresses: Andrei Burac, 277063, Chisinau (Khisinev), Bulevard Miron Costin, nr. 21, ap. 24, Soviet Union, phone 441581; Leo Butnaru, Secretary of Foreign Relations Department of the Moldavian Writer’s Union in Chisinau (Khisinev).
As regards our activity, I am terribly sorry for receiving the invitation at the Budapest Conference between 15 and18 March, too late to change my fulltime program during this month. I sent a telex to Budapest asking the Hungarian PEN Center if it is possible for another representative of Romanian PEN Center to take part in the Conference and I would be happy to receive a positive answer: I regret for not having the opportunity to meet you in Budapest.
With best wishes of friendship and peace,

February 1991