The members of the Romanian PEN Center express their anxiety and protest against the increase of the extremist and anti-Semitic attitudes in certain Romanian publications. If since more than one year reviews as “Romania Mare” have infested the political and moral climate in our country with calumnies and insults, orchestrating press-campaigns against all that exists independent and uncompromised by the collaboration with the old regime among the Romanian intellectuals, keeping in the same time the majority of the population and the ethnic minorities in a state of continuous tension, during the last weeks it has been taking place an escalating of the extremist and racial positions that leads to bring discredit on the image of Romania over the world.
Being convinced that those positions – the only aim of which is the split of the Romanian society – Divide et impera – are not in the nature of the Romanian people and do not represent the Romanian people, the Romanian writers protest against the using of such foul tactics proceeded from the arsenal of the former dictatorship and are disgusted with it. The Romanian writers are in solidarity not only with their colleagues of other nationalities whom they call to join them in the fight against all kinds of extremism, but also with all the people of any nationality or confession in Romania and all over the world.

Ana Blandiana
President of the Romanian PEN Center